Treaty Oak Properties


Showing Instructions Email – Current Tenants

When it’s time to list a property that we currently manage, send the following email. (It might be worth double checking the lease prior to sending to make sure this special provision is written in about 1-hour notice to show.) {GREETING} We’re really sorry that you guys couldn’t renew this year! We’re going to put […]

Listing Property on Appfolio

To list a property in Appfolio is important, this is what will be shown across the internet on Treaty Oak’s website and on all applicable advertising sites such as Trulia, Zillow, HotPads, Show me the Rent,, etc. The more information provided, the more sites the property will be listed on. YOU MUST HAVE MORE […]

Tettra – Enter Listing into the MLS

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Showing Instructions Email – New Property w/ Tenants That Don’t Have Our Spec Provisions

{Greeting} – We will need to instruct agents on how they can show your property. Agents can access the property using the blue Supra box, but they will need to give you notification so that you can vacate the house during the showings. We typically recommend the showing instructions “Call First – Go, 1 Hour […]

Request for Key

{GREETING} – I hope you’re doing well! We’ll need to get a copy of the key from you in order to put a lockbox on the property. Can you please let me know a good time to come by and get a copy of the key? If you don’t have an extra copy, I can […]

Send Welcome Message to Owner

1) Login to Basecamp & click the welcome message: 2) Click “edit this message” 3) Modify the greeting & signature, select who the message should be sent to, and check the box to notify them of email.

Invite Landlord/Owner to the Project

You’ll want to add the landlord/homeowner to the project so you can easily communicate w/ them through Basecamp. Take the following steps: 1) Login to Basecamp 2) Go to “People & Permissions.” If you added the owner as a company during project setup, then add them individually here and you’re done. If not, you’ll need […]

Add Listing to Supra & ShowingSuite

Setting up Supra & ShowingSuite will allow sellers to automatically receive notifications of showings when the lockbox is accessed. Supra is the main system for tracking MLS lockbox activity and inventory, and ShowingSuite is the system that sends out showing notifications and feedback reports. We’ll need to set up both prior to listing or immediately […]