Treaty Oak Properties


Lease Agreement Email

Send this email after the “You’re Approved” email. Attach a copy of their lease and immediately set up the lease in Docusign. {GREETING} Please find your lease agreement attached here. I am setting this up in Docusign now so that you can easily sign it from your phone or computer. IMPORTANT: We need this lease […]

Showing Instructions Email – Current Tenants

When it’s time to list a property that we currently manage, send the following email. (It might be worth double checking the lease prior to sending to make sure this special provision is written in about 1-hour notice to show.) {GREETING} We’re really sorry that you guys couldn’t renew this year! We’re going to put […]

Rejecting Tenants Email to Owner

It’s important to keep the owners updated with information so that they now that we are working for them. Whenever we reject a tenant, send the following email: SUBJECT: Applications Rejected BODY: {GREETING} I just wanted to keep you in the loop that we recently rejected a set of applications because {INPUT A BRIEF DESCRIPTION […]

Recommendation: Make Exception for This/These Tenant(s)

When we have a set of applications that don’t meet our minimum criteria, but we recommend the owner make an exception, send the following email: SUBJECT: Application Recommendation: Make Exception BODY: {GREETING} We currently have a set of applicants that don’t meet our minimum qualifying criteria. Specifically: {ITEMIZE WHY THEY DON’T MEET THE CRITERIA} However, […]

New Tenant Email to Owner

When we have an acceptable applicant, send the following message to the owner: SUBJECT: Great News! Acceptable Applicant for Your Property! MESSAGE: {GREETING} Great news! We have an acceptable applicant for your property! The details are: {# of occupants} total occupants Credit is all acceptable (620+) No major delinquencies on credit Clean criminal record (no […]

tettra – Tenant Has Lost it and Won’t Reason

Tenant Unable To Reset Password

Whenever a tenant emails or calls in stating they are unable to log in and can’t reset their password, you will need to delete their login from AppFolio and reactivate their portal. Please send them the following email before doing so: ———- {GREETINGS}- We’re sorry to hear you are unable to access your tenant portal. […]

Showing Instructions Email – New Property w/ Tenants That Don’t Have Our Spec Provisions

{Greeting} – We will need to instruct agents on how they can show your property. Agents can access the property using the blue Supra box, but they will need to give you notification so that you can vacate the house during the showings. We typically recommend the showing instructions “Call First – Go, 1 Hour […]

Request for Key

{GREETING} – I hope you’re doing well! We’ll need to get a copy of the key from you in order to put a lockbox on the property. Can you please let me know a good time to come by and get a copy of the key? If you don’t have an extra copy, I can […]

Problems Paying Rent Online Email

{GREETING} – I’m sorry that you’re having difficulties paying rent online. If you would like to contact Appfolio’s support, you can do so at 866.648.1536 / [email protected]. {SIGNATURE}