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tettra – Add a Vendor to a Work Order & Send Introduction Email in Appfolio

How to Text & Email Vendors from Appfolio

1) Login to 2) Do this:

tettra – Check to See a Property’s Tenants & Lease Terms

Repair Requests in Appfolio

Tenants can call 24/7 Maintenance line at (512) 888-9899 or submit maintenance request through their portal. These are the only two forms of maintenance requests accepted, no exceptions! Information about Appfolio’s Dispatch Center: Information about Contact Center. Need to add Property Manager as a Vendor, then select them as a “Primary Contact”. Doing this will […]

Tenant Unable To Reset Password

Whenever a tenant emails or calls in stating they are unable to log in and can’t reset their password, you will need to delete their login from AppFolio and reactivate their portal. Please send them the following email before doing so: ———- {GREETINGS}- We’re sorry to hear you are unable to access your tenant portal. […]

Appfolio Notes for New Properties

Lease up fee % amount Monthly management % amount Renewal fee amount (almost always $100) What non-realty items are included? (Refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc…) Is there a security system? What is the code? Is there a garage keypad? What is the code? Is there a swimming pool? If so, who maintains it? Does the landlord […]

Reading Landlord’s Statements

1) Go to Reporting > General Ledger   2) Enter the property information & choose the date range. 3) You now have the ledger pulled up.

Adding Leasing Fee For New Tenancies

Log onto AppFolio Select Accounting tab Select Payables On the left hand side under ‘Tasks’ select Pay Mgmt Fees Select search (don’t input anything) Select Post Go back to the ‘Payable’ tab under accounting You will now see “unpaid” bills for the properties Select the property you want to add the leasing fee to Select […]

How To Activate Tenants Portal

In AppFolio, select “People” tab Select the person you are wanting to activate in the system On the right hand side under “Letters”, select “Tenant Portal Activation” Select Search Select Email- this will bring up an automated email with all of their information