Treaty Oak Properties


tettra – Inbox Zero Process/Policy

tettra – Work Order Clean Up – Scheduled to Closed

tettra – Work Order Clean Up – Change Status from “Assigned” to “Scheduled”  

Tenant Move Out Process

Schedule Electric/Water/Gas to be turned on in our name. (Can we set this up automatically with the city?) Start Move Out in Appfolio. Enter date & forwarding address. Schedule the walk through & property condition report. Schedule all maintenance and record amounts to bill tenant. Complete a deposit disposition and mail report + check to […]

Tenant Move In Process

Note the date that the old tenants are moving out, if applicable, and schedule work for that date. If the property is vacant, schedule work immediately. Schedule a locksmith to rekey the property. Instruct him to leave 3 keys in the combo lockbox. (2 for the tenant, 1 for us.) Important: Make sure there are […]

Process Sheets

VA Maintenance Process (Daily) Appfolio Maintenance Request Clean Up (Weekly) — Need to write this Pay Vendors in Appfolio (Weekly) — Need to write this Application & Approval Process (Daily When Assigned) List a Property on the MLS (Daily When Assigned) — Need to write this Move in Process Move out Process  

Application and Approval Process

Our public facing application instructions can be found here. When a tenant wants to apply for a property, they must submit an application by going to and submitting an application. If any documents are incomplete or unsigned, notify them that they must be completed. WE WILL NOT BEGIN PROCESSING PARTIAL APPLICATIONS. NEVER PROCESS AN APPLICATION […]