Treaty Oak Properties

Permission to Access

In order to expedite repairs, our full time maintenance technician will simply contact you with the time he is planning to arrive for the work, and if no one is present at that time, he will access the property with the office key copy. If you are fine with this, please note ‘Yes’ on the ‘Would you like to provide permission to access the property?‘ field of the work order. This will generally make the repairs process move faster and more easily.

If you would prefer to not provide permission to access, please note ‘No’, and we’ll have a 3rd party vendor reach out to you directly to schedule an appointment at a time when you can be present. Please note, this may delay the work order depending on the vendor’s schedule.

Additionally, not all property repairs can be completed by our maintenance technician. If this is the case, then a 3rd party vendor will reach out to you directly to schedule an appointment with you.

If this is an emergency work order, then we will still have a vendor reach out to you immediately to schedule a solution.